The focus of the band is to continue to develop it’s sound and styles of “American New Grass”,  blend in more contemporary styles, and bring to the stage and CD more original tunes written by Jim, Greg and Mike.

In delivering their show to audiences the Sawdust Symphony tries to arrange sets to maximize the listening pleasures of the festival, private parties, or night club venues.  The mix is never the same, the music is fresh and lively, and everyone has a great time.


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Sawdust Symphony is an “American New Grass” string band, blending traditional bluegrass style with high energy contemporary musical forms.   The members of the band are all from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.   The group combines the members varying playing experience in bluegrass, rock, rhythm and blues,  jazz, rock-a-billy, to bring out it’s own style.    The solid vocal harmonies of  Jim, Greg and Mike accompanied by decades of playing experiences on mandolin, guitar, banjo and bass make for great listening and entertainment.


Sawdust Symphony File Photo, 1892.

  Center of photo – Mike Mueller (standing) and Greg Brundage (sitting)